Cycling in Taiwan- A Must-see guide for rookies cycling around Taiwan!


Bike with all the euqipment for rent : 20 USD/day  

Private guide cycling with you : 150 USD/day

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Introduce myself:

Hi there~ My name is Jimmy. I am a Taiwanese who loves travelling and biking so much. I am a tour guide and also have done cycling in Taiwan for 3 times. I would like to share some hints with you. Please also kindly let me know if any wrong word is found or any other word is much more recommended for better understanding.





This article is a guide for the one who plans to do a cycling in Taiwan and also especially for a ROOKIE who would like to cycle in Taiwan but is not professional, non-regularly sporing.


If riding for more than 30 minutes is not a problem for you, there would be no problem at all to cycle around Taiwan.

Following my step-by-step cycling guide below, you will not feel tired, hot, or any difficult during your cycling.

You may finish all the trip by yourself safely and happily.


Worried about no bikes or equipment?

I will set up for you. All you need is make up your mind and TIME.

Contact me via Email: for more information.


Worried about no idea where to stay during your trip?

I have got you a list for stay in every county or even small town.

Most importantly, make up your mind and make yourself available.

Contact me via Email: for more information.

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A step-by-step guide for what you need:


Step1. How many days for cycling in Taiwan?  11~13 days for a rookie

(1) Staring time/ Ending time of a day:  
Recommended to start at 6am, take a long rest during 10am~3pm (no riding at all due to the high temperature), arrive before 6pm, Sleep at 10pm;
For the first 2~3 days of the trip, ride for 4~6 hours a day, get a rest every 15~30 minutes. When you get used to the riding lifestyle, you will desire for more ride.


(2) Best seasons: March ~ April or October ~ December.
Of course, beside the seasons above, any other month would be also appropriate. Trust me, when you start to cycle and follow my steps, this is definitely not a problem.






Step 2. How to plan where to start and stop:
Riding 40km for the first 2 days for warm up purpose, and then increasing the distance gradually day by day. Do not ride too much even if you are energetic for the first few days.

For example. (google it)

Day1: 彰化市-->40KM 雲林西螺

Day2: 雲林西螺-->40KM嘉義市

Day3: 嘉義市-->65KM台南市

Day4: 台南市--> 70KM屏東潮州

Day5: 屏東潮州-->80KM台東金崙溫泉

Day6: 台東金崙溫泉-->86KM台東成功

Day7: 台東成功-->126KM花蓮市

Day8: 花蓮市-->宜蘭 (Please take a train with your bike, since this path is dangerous for many falling rocks, trucks and tunnels) 

Day9: 宜蘭-->95KM基隆

Day10: 基隆--> 100KM新竹

Day11: 新竹--> 110KM彰化








Step3. What to bring: (Must bring with you)

(1) A mountain bike with 21 gears or more is okay.

(2) Tire highly recommended used Maxxis Overdrive Kevlar : IMPORTANT, when you have this, take mine for example, a flat tire does not happen cycling in Taiwan for 3 times with the same tire. The surface of tire is smooth enough to reach a speed at 15~25 km per hour also coming with good grip. 

(3) Repair tools for a flat tire: one carry-on bike pump, one inner tire, 3 tire spoons, a few tire patches. Well, if you got Maxxis Overdrive Kevlar and ride on the white line along the road, having repair tools is ready just in case.

(4) Smart Phone with 3G or 4G internet and a mobile power bank: This is for using google map and calling for help.

(5) CASH (TWD)




Step4. Unnecessary equipment: (for convenience and safety only)

A. On the bike:
(1) Head and rear lights: There will be less than 5 tunnels during your whole trip. Except for the tunnels, you will not ride til/ at night.
Only in case of below situation: flat tire, help repair flat tire, raining, sick, get lost, go to the night market...

(2) Handlebar ends: As you ride more, you may feel pains on necks, hands and backs. Handlebar ends can help you change the gesture you handle the handle bar and avoid pains.

(3) Back mirrors: When you are going to turn, watch out if there are cars or scooters behind you!

(4) Head bike saddle bag, smart phone rack, luggage carrier for placing your stuff during the trip, a flex robe using on the luggage carrier, bike lock


B. On the body: (avoid the sun burn, riding damage and for the safety)

(1) Bike helmet

(2) Sun glasses: avoid heavy sun lights, rainning, and the sands into the eyes

(3) Bike headgear (like the type of rob the bank): avoid the sun burn

(4) Quick dry fabric clothes: Easy to wash and dry

(5) Bike sleeves (quick dry and cool type): avoid the sun burn and cool you down

(6) Bike gloves: avoid handle slippery and ease the pains of the hands

(7) Bike pants with soft silicon on the bottom: ease the pains of your bottom

(8) Knee pads: protect your knees

(9) Sport shose and sox


C. On the luggage carrier

(1) A small backpack

(2) A water-proof cover sheet of the backpack, a sandal, a raincoat : In case of rain

(3) Tissue paper

(4) Bottle water and Bottle holders: water can be filled up in every police station and hospital for free

Necessary equipment-->(5) Smart Phone with 3G or 4G internet and a mobile power bank, Money

(6) Rechargeable battery and charger: recommend to turn on rear lights all the time and recharge the battery every night

(7) A set of night clothes: night clothes can be one quick dry fabric T-shirt, a pant and a underwear. It is not necessary to wash night clothes during the whole trip.

(8) An eye mask, ear plugs, toothbrush : for a better sleep to get more energy.

(9) Sunscreen: use for legs and necks

Necessary equipment-->(10) Repair tools for a flat tireone carry-on bike pump, one inner tire, 3 tire spoons, a few tire patches.

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Step5. Skills and common sense:

(1) Repair a flat tire: If you got a flat tire unfortunately, get a new tube on and keep the used one until you get another new one in case that you got a flat tire again before you got a new tube.

(2) Learn how to use google map or other navigation software, but 基隆-->新竹, please do not follow google map. Ride on Rode No.1() , there is more distance but it is quicker and not easy to get lost.

(3) Try the best ride on the white line on the rode and avoid the nails or sharp rocks as possible as you can.

(4) When you ride uphill, take a look at a distance sometimes to make sure the situation and then keep your eyes on the ground all the time. That helps feel less tired when you go uphill.

(5) Warm up for at least 10 minutes before you start to ride and end, especially focusing on the stretch of legs and knee.

(6) Prepare to shift gears in advance. And ride it smoothly during the shifts to avoid the broken chains

(7) When you go through the tunnels, do not watch back or worried about the paasing trucks. Relax, truck drivers will always keep you in a distance (more than 3 meters), but the huge voice of trucks is scaring.

(8) You must have no fear of ghosts or bad guys.





Step6. Where to stay: It is upon your budget for a stay. There are hotels, hostels and guesthouses everywhere in Taiwan except for mountain areas. 

(1) If you have set up your destination day by day, you may make a reservation before you start your trip.

(2) I have prepared some of valuable guesthouses for you, though it is in Chinese. I can arrage the stay upon your budget for you if you want.



Mental construction Q&A:

Worried about not enough physical strenth--> If you can keep riding for more than 30 minutes, it is easy to finish all the trip. Just follow my guide! If you got injured or really tired, then stop and google where to stay. Go to the guesthouse and pay for the stay and get relax. Taiwan is super convenient! 


Worried about not in a good physical situation or not young enough--> I have not sported for at least 3 years and also have a chronic prescription and having a heavy cold before and during the tirp. If you are not in a hurry, just take one or two more days to finish. 


Worried to fail in riding uphill--> If you start to ride at 6 am, the longest mountain rode is 20KM in distance. Even though you walk with your bike for all, it takes 4 houts only. Besides, there are still cars on the way sometimes. There are no bears, rare fowls or strange animals disturbing you unfortunately, but many beautiful and local landscapes.  


Worried about a flat tire--> The skill to repair a flat tire is a must. If you are lucky to have a flat tire in the west of Taiwan, it is easier to find a bike store getting repair and save you time. But if you are in the mountains or east of Taiwan, you are usually on your own. This is not gonna happen to have a flat tire if Maxxis Overdrive Kevlar is your tire and you always ride on the white line.   


Worried about the safety when you ride--> Get a back mirror, ride on the white line (far from car lane) and brake in advance before you are going downhill or when it is raining.


Worried about no partner to take care of you--> Bring enough money, a smart phone, necessary equipment with you and learn how to repair a flat tire.You are the best partner.


Worried about getting sick--> Call for help, or 112 when there is no signal.


Worried about no reason, just worry--> Please give me a call.








Bike with all the euqipment for rent : 20 USD/day  

(1) Merida 27 gears with head shock absorbers + Shimano derailleur + Maxxis Overdrive Kevlar

(2) A package of repair tool for a flat tire: one carry-on bike pump, one inner tire, 3 tire spoons, a few tire patches

(3) Head and rear lights, Handlebar ends, back mirror, head bike saddle bag, smart phone rack, luggage carrier, flex robe using on the luggage carrier, bike lock

(4) Bike helmet, sun glasses,bike headgear, bike sleeves, bike gloves, knee pads (All washed and sanitized)

(5) A backpack, water-proof cover sheet of the backpack, tissue paper, rechargeable battery, charger


Private guide cycling with you : 150 USD/day

Please contact me via Email : 





There is no doubt Taiwan is one of the best places for cycling!  



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